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MineSaver : The screensaver that plays MineSweeper

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Notes on usage

This screensaver requires MineSweeper to be installed on your machine.

MineSaver has been found to work correctly on Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows 98. It doesn't work on Windows NT or Windows 2000. It also doesn't work if you have a non English version of MineSweeper. If the screensaver doesn't work correctly, you should get an error message in the top left hand corner of the screen when it runs.

MineSaver is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. This software hasn't caused any problems on any machine it has been run on so far, but by downloading the software you accept responsibility for any problems it may cause on your machine.

Download and installation

Windows 3.1 users download MineSave.exe
Windows 95/98 users download MineSaver.exe

These are both the same file, but Windows 3.1 can't cope with long filenames so the 3.1 version is called MineSave. If your browser gives you the option of changing the filename when you download it, change the extension from exe to scr. When you have downloaded the file copy or move it to your Windows directory (normally C:\Windows), or alternatively download it directly to your Windows directory. If you didn't change the file extension when you downloaded it you will need to do it now:
(Techie note - this is necessary because most browsers will not recognise a file with an scr extension as a program and will download it in ascii mode and the file will be corrupted).

Windows 3.1 users

From the file manager, select MineSave.exe in the Windows directory and then from the File menu rename the file to MineSave.scr.

Windows 95/98 users

If you can see the full filename with the .exe extension in Windows Explorer you can simply rename the file in Windows Explorer. Otherwise from the Start menu select Run... and type:

cmd /C rename C:\Windows\MineSaver.exe MineSaver.scr

When you press the "OK" button, you may see a window flash up on the screen but nothing else will seem to have happened. If the file was renamed correctly, MineSaver should now appear in your list of screen savers in the Control Panel | Display settings.


Set MineSaver to be your ScreenSaver from the Control Panel | Display settings. You can also change MineSaver settings from the Display settings.


Delete MineSave(r).scr from your windows directory. If you changed any MineSaver settings, also delete minesave.ini from your windows directory.

Problems and comments

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