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Patrick's Personal Bests

Ryouri no tatsujin 2

High Score - 26.
Japanese Game Centre game where you have to chop up as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. If you get more than a given number you win a prize. When the game first came out the prize score was normally 17 or 18, but now it is normally 21. My usual score is about 19-23. One day I went to the game centre and the prize score was 21, I played 5 times and won a prize each time (scoring 21-24). As soon as I stopped playing, one of the staff changed the prize limit to 24. The next day I went back, played twice and scored 26 each time.
Location : Ito Yokado, Kiba, Tokyo
Date : March 2004

Pool (English version)

I've never managed to clear up off the break although I've come close (just missing the black) a few times. I did once pot 16 balls on the trot though. In the first game, the other player broke and didn't pot anything. I then potted 7 yellows and the black. In the next game, I broke and potted 5 balls on the break (3 yellows and 2 reds). I then potted 3 more yellows before snookering myself on the last yellow.
Location: Elm Tree Pub, Oxford.
Date: 1998


Expert level - 118 seconds
Location: York University.
Date: 1995


Top speed - 48mph. Achieved by slipstreaming behind a lorry down a very steep hill near York. Probably not a very good idea.
Location: Big hill near York.
Date: 1995

Fastest 100miles - 5hrs 40mins (not including 30min lunch break)
Location: Castle Hedingham - Abridge - Castle Hedingham
Date: 1993

Best hill climb in top gear - Box Hill near Dorking, Surrey (the steep way!). I used to cycle everywhere in top gear (52/13) as I thought this was the best way to get fit, but it's probably just the best way to ruin your knees.
Location: Box Hill
Date: 1990

Viz Top Tip

I sent in three Top Tips to Viz comic and one of them was published:
If you have an artificial leg, make it unnoticeable by wearing long trousers.
Publication: Viz Comic.
Date: 1988/89


I went to a tradional English school where they used to give lines as punishment. I was once given 2,000 lines for making a feeble joke in a music lesson and then refusing to apologise for it. Is this a record? Let
me know if you can beat it!
Location: Colchester Grammar School.
Date: 1982