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Log Cabin


Views of the garden before we moved in on 22nd June 2012.

Cut down trees

From the photos above we estimated that the largest tree was about 8-9 metres high (fence is 1.75 metres) and was 11 metres from the house. A friend offered to cut the two trees down and turned up on Monday 25th June with his chainsaw. I climbed the largest tree and attached a rope. As he was doing the backcut, three of us pulled on the rope and the tree landed about 50cm from the house.

Build a base

My Dad offered to help build the base, but ending up doing almost the whole thing himself (10-15 July).

Build the cabin

The website said that two people could build a log cabin in 2-3 hours. I asked the delivery driver about this and he said "Not one of these mate, I built one once and it took me 3 hours just to get to roof height". It took an hour and a half just to get all the parts into the garden. After another 4 and a half hours we had almost reached roof height when it suddenly poured down with rain for about 1 hour and we called it a night.

We finally got the felt on the roof two days later. The worst job was sanding all the muddy foot and paw prints off the floor inside before treating it.

So what do you think Leo?