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DIY Scrap


My first car. I paid 375 pounds for it and it lasted me about three years. This is not any old Ford Fiesta, but a Sport model! (note the S on the side). I think that just means you get a rev counter. The advantage of old cars is that if something goes wrong with it while you are driving you can normally either easily fix it or just carry on regardless. I drove this car with a broken rocker shaft, empty radiator and a broken starter motor (200 mile journey from a push start, replacement starter motor waiting at destination). It served me well. It finally died after I used it to commute 80 miles per day for six months.


I actually drove this a couple of miles down the road. I got a few strange looks, luckily none from policemen.

Chop Chop

I didn't like the idea of paying someone to take my car to a scrap yard, so I thought I would scrap it myself, dispose of the bodywork and keep all the parts as spares.

New Car


After keeping all the parts in my mum's garage for about four years (I did use the windscreen washer bottle to replace the broken one on my new car), my mum decided to move to a smaller house and I had to dispose of all my valuable spares.