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Patrick's Record Collection

21 June 1989a6.99 13:9:88Frank SidebottomTowerKensington High Street
06 September 1988a9.49 5:9:88Frank SidebottomOur priceCambridge
23 March 1990s0.3 Flux of pink indiansRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
11 March 1991a2.9910The stranglersTowerQueensway
02 February 1993t1.9921 Trukin GreatsVarious Cambridge
26 June 1987s2.5506The leather nunHeffsColchester
Mar-84s1.2599 Red BalloonsNena  
23 March 1991cd1.99A full head of steamVariousOur priceQueensway
30 March 1990cd0.99A little bit of loveBalaam and the angelOur priceCambridge
03 May 1988a12A merciful releaseThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
08 May 1985s2.49A pair of brown eyesThe poguesW.H.SmithColchester
02 August 1993s2.79A rainy night in SohoThe poguesAndy'sCambridge
11 May 1988s2.99A screwSwansTowerPicadilly Circus
22 May 1986a1.99A secret wishPropagandaParrotColchester
16 November 1989a4.6A way of lifeSuicideAudio societyImperial College
23 November 1992cd8.99After the goldrushNeil YoungOur priceBraintree
31 October 1985a4.49AfterburnerZ.Z.TopParrotColchester
10 June 1985s2.49AliceThe sisters of mercyParrotColchester
29 April 1987a5.99AliveThe leather nunAndy'sColchester
19 May 1988s3.5All the time in the worldThe nipsRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
12 March 1986s1.7AnacondaThe sisters of mercyOur priceColchester
21 March 1989cd3.29Anarchy in the U.K.Sex PistolsParrotBraintree
21 March 1989cd9.99Ancient heartTanita TikaramParrotBraintree
13 November 1992cd9.99Angel dustFaith no moreWorld class recordsColchester
14 March 1990a2.99Appetite for destructionGuns n RosesW.H.SmithKensington High Street
31 May 1988s0.5BaiserChris SieveyRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
28 September 1991s1.99Ballroom blitzMetal gurusOur priceBraintree
27 April 1988a3.99Barbed wire kissesThe Jesus and Mary chainTowerKensington High Street
15 April 1988cd3.49Beds are burningMidnight oilParrotBraintree
21 March 1989cd1.99Beds are burningMidnight oilParrotBraintree
25 December 1991cd11.99Before the fallThe peel sessionsBrotherChristmas
05 November 1990a2Beverley CravenBeverley CravenRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
19 May 1994 3.49Big gay heartLemonheadsBee Bee'sBraintree
21 June 1989cd7Black hat dark glassesThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
10 August 1989cd3.99Blazing saddlesYelloParrotBraintree
27 April 1991cd11.25BloodThis mortal coilOur priceRichmond
10 March 1988s3.5Blue waterFields of the nephilim Kensington market
02 August 1993cd12.99BocesMercury revOur priceCambridge
15 May 1985s1.49Body and soul / TrainThe sisters of mercyParrotColchester
22 January 1988a4.49Bops, babes, booze and bovverThe nips / nipple erectorsOur priceKensington High Street
23 February 1990s0.1Bras on 45Ivor Biggun and the D. KupsRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
Mar-84s1.25Break My StrideMatthew Wilder  
11 February 1994 fl14.95Break like the windSpinal TapFree record shopAmsterdam
18 February 1985a4.79Break outPointer SistersWoolworthBraintree
07 November 1986s1.6BreakoutSwing out SisterOur priceColchester
23 November 1992cd13.49Bricks are heavyL7Our priceBraintree
05 January 1990a1.99Brighter than a thousand sunsKilling JokeOur priceNorth End Road
18 July 1994 10.99Bring it downMadder roseTimeColchester
06 November 1985a4.79Brothers in armsDire StraitsParrotColchester
22 February 1988s3.49Burning the fields e.p.Fields of the nephilimVirginOxford Street
22 June 1990cd0.99California dreaminRiver city peopleParrotBraintree
09 September 1989s1.99Can't find my way homeSwansParrotBraintree
16 April 1986s1.55Can't help falling in loveLick the tinsOur priceColchester
01 December 1986s2.99Caravan of loveThe housemartinsParrotColchester
21 April 1990cd9Carved in sandThe missionMarketSouthampton
27 September 1991cd9.99CeremonyThe CultParrotBraintree
16 July 1993cd6.99Change has come e.p.Screaming treesWorld class recordsColchester
23 May 1988a7.25Children of GodSwansMagic mixBalham market
26 August 1994 3.49Church of the holy spookShane and the popesOur priceColchester
06 February 1985s Close (to the edit)The art of noiseParrotColchester
11 October 1993 11.99Come on feel the noiseLemonheadsOur priceColchester
23 March 1991cd5.99Compact discPiLOur priceQueensway
30 January 1992cd3.99ConfettiLemonheadsCompact musicSudbury
19 September 1987s3.29Cool shoesThe leather nunHMVSouthampton
21 April 1990cd2.5Copperhead roadSteve EarleMarketSouthampton
27 November 1993 14.99CoreStone Temple PilotsOur priceBraintree
02 July 1992cd7.99Country moodsVariousWoolworthBraintree
30 March 1990cd0.99Crying in the chapelPeter BlakeleyOur priceCambridge
23 February 1990s0.1D.I.V.O.R.C.E.Billy ConnollyRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
14 November 1987s5Damage doneThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
24 May 1988s0.3Dancin' doctorsThe freshiesRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
30 August 1985s1.59Dancing in the streetMick Jagger / David BowieParrotBraintree
30 January 1989cd9.99Dark side of the moonPink FloydParrotCambridge
02 February 1990s5.5Dark streets of LondonPogue MahoneRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
15 February 1988a3.49DawnrazorFields of the nephilimLizardNorwich
08 September 1990a2.99Days of madnessBalaam and the angelOur priceKing's mall, Ham
26 May 1990cd10.99Days of open handSuzanne VegaTowerPicadilly Circus
22 October 1988a6.49Death of a ladies manLeonard CohenAndy'sCambridge
04 February 1991cd3.99DedicationThin LizzyOur priceQueensway
03 February 1990a3.99DeguelloZ.Z.TopBasement159 King's Road
03 July 1989cd14.99Delicate sound of thunderPink FloydBraintree VideoBraintree
26 November 1988s3.99Demolition loveThe leather nunTowerPicadilly Circus
01 March 1990cd5.99Desert orchidCrazyheadW.H.SmithEarls Court Road
26 June 1987s2.5Desolation avenueThe leather nunHeffsColchester
12 May 1989cd8.99Diesel and dustMidnight oilBraintree VideoBraintree
09 June 1990s1.89Different drumLemonheadsOur priceSouthampton
29 November 1985s2.99Dirty old townThe poguesParrotColchester
24 May 1988s0.1Do they knowBilly and Barry BellyRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
20 December 1990s3.29Doctor JeepThe sisters of mercyJaysCambridge
11 December 1990s1Doctor JeepThe sisters of mercyRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
10 December 1990cd4.29Doctor JeepThe sisters of mercyTowerKensington High Street
28 April 1990s0.1Doctorin the tardisThe timelordsRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
11 May 1993cd3.99Dollar billScreaming treesOur priceBraintree
15 February 1988s3.49DominionThe sisters of mercyLizardNorwich
15 June 1988cd4.49DominionThe sisters of mercyTowerPicadilly Circus
08 January 1986s1.39Don't worry babyLos LobosParrotColchester
13 August 1990cd4.49DoublebackZ.Z.TopOur priceSouthampton
10 June 1985s1.29DuelPropagandaAndy'sColchester
08 August 1994 3.99Everlasting armMercury revVirginOxford Street
24 March 1992cd7.99Every breath you takeThe PoliceWoolworthBraintree
10 December 1992cd8.99Everybody knows this is nowhereNeil YoungOur priceLakeside
15 April 1988cd3.49Fairytale of New YorkThe poguesBraintree VideoBraintree
20 February 1991s1.99FallingJulee CruiseOur priceQueensway
07 August 1987a5.49Famous blue raincoatJennifer WarnesHMVOxford Street
07 July 1988s1.5FiestaThe poguesVirginSouthampton
16 March 1988cd11.49Filigree and shadowThis mortal coilTowerPicadilly Circus
12 March 1991cd3.99Fire and waterFreeW.H.SmithKensington High Street
11 February 1989cd9.99First and last and alwaysThe sisters of mercyMumBirthday
13 March 1985a4.49First and last and alwaysThe sisters of mercyParrotColchester
26 February 1990cd6.99First collection of merry melodiesThe humblebumsTowerKensington High Street
02 February 1990a1.5First ladies of countryVariousRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
12 May 1987s2.99Five get over excitedThe housemartinsOur priceColchester
27 February 1986s1.7Flag dayThe housemartinsOur priceColchester
19 November 1987a4.7FloodlandThe sisters of mercyAudio societyImperial College
11 February 1989cd9.99FloodlandThe sisters of mercyMumBirthday
03 May 1988s6FloorshowThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
06 February 1992cd6.49Folk heritageVariousJohn MenziesBraintree
29 February 1988cd10.99Force of habitThe leather nunTowerPicadilly Circus
25 December 1988v9.99Forever remainFields of the nephilimMumChristmas
22 June 1990s0.49Forgotton yearsMidnight oilParrotBraintree
18 July 1988s2.99Frank Sidebottom salutes KylieFrank SidebottomOur priceCambridge
31 August 1993 2.99FreedomNeil YoungOur priceBraintree
18 August 1990a3.99Georgia SatellitesGeorgia SatellitesHMVSouthampton
29 April 1988a5.99GiftThe sisterhoodTowerPicadilly Circus
07 August 1987s2.99Gimme, gimme, gimme (rejected)The leather nunVirginOxford Street
23 February 1990s0.1Gimme, gimme, gimmeABBARecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
07 August 1987s3.49Gimme, gimme, gimmeThe leather nunVirginOxford Street
28 May 1991cd8.95Give me convenience or give me deathDead KennedysGaragelandKensington market
16 July 1993cd3.99Glastonbury songThe waterboysOur priceColchester
18 December 1989cd2.99God save the QueenThe Sex PistolsMG106 Granby St, Leicester
02 May 1986s1.99GodstarPsychic TVOur priceColchester
02 June 1990a3.49Good deeds and dirty ragsGoodbye Mr. MacKenzieJohn MenziesLeatherhead
02 February 1990a0.1Good for nothingVariousRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
16 June 1990cd7.5Goodbye jumboWorld partyMarketSouthampton
09 March 1987aPrizeGracelandPaul SimonSony
27 January 1994 4.99Gravity danceThe HorsefliesOur priceBraintree
25 April 1991cd10.99Greatest HitsEurythmicsTowerPicadilly Circus
25 December 1988cd8.99Greatest HitsFleetwood MacDadChristmas
27 October 1989cd6.99Greatest HitsLeonard CohenHMVNorth End Road
1984a Greatest HitsQueenTescoBraintree
17 November 1990a2.99Greatest HitsThe DubinersBargainPortobello Road
09 July 1991cd9.99Greatest HitsThe JamBraintree VideoBraintree
02 May 1992v10.99Greatest HitsZ.Z.TopOur priceColchester
26 June 1989cd8.99GreenR.E.M.Braintree VideoBraintree
12 December 1985s2.99Greenback dollarThe men they couldn't hangAndy'sColchester
06 January 1987s2.99GypsySuzanne VegaAndy'sColchester
11 June 1986s1.55Happy hourThe housemartinsAndy'sColchester
09 November 1992cd11.99Harvest MoonNeil YoungCompact musicSudbury
13 March 1993cd3.99Harvest MoonNeil YoungOur priceColchester
25 December 1991cd8.99HarvestNeil YoungBrotherChristmas
18 August 1989a5.49Hate your friendsLemonheadsOur priceCambridge
16 September 1986s2.99HauntedThe poguesMartinColchester
23 February 1989cd1.99Have love, will travel e.p.CrazyheadJohn MenziesColchester
28 April 1990s0.1Heart's bin brokenBoys don't cryRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
27 October 1990cd8.5Heaven or Las VegasCocteua TwinsMarketSouthampton
27 October 1990cd8.5Hell's ditchThe poguesMarketSouthampton
11 December 1989a2HeroineShakespeare's SisterRecord and tape exchange28 Pembridge Road
10 March 1990s0.99Hey youQuireboysW.H.SmithNorth End Road
Jul-84s Hole in my shoeNeilW.H.SmithColchester
06 November 1986s0.9Holiday in CambodiaDead KennedysW.H.SmithColchester
02 August 1993s2.79Honky tonk womanThe poguesAndy'sCambridge
11 October 1993 2.99Hoots monLord Rockingham's XIOur priceColchester
24 March 1992cd10.99Hormonally yoursShakespeare's SisterLaser DiscountBraintree
21 July 1990cd13.5Hot rocksThe rolling stonesMarketSouthampton
1984s0.69Hyper-activeThomas DolbyTescoBraintree
23 December 1988s0.99I ain't ever satisfiedSteve Earl and the dukesParrotBraintree
14 May 1987s3.25I can smell your thoughtsThe leather nunParrotColchester
22 February 1988s3.49I can smell your thoughtsThe leather nunTowerKensington High Street
28 April 1990s0.1I could be so good for youDennis WatermanRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
21 July 1990cd8.5I do not want what I haven't gotSinead O'ConnorMarketSouthampton
20 August 1993 3.99I should've knownAimee MannOur priceLakeside
22 May 1986s0.49I wanna be a cowboyBoys don't cryParrotColchester
24 May 1988s0.5I'm in love with the girl on the Manchester Virgin Megastore checkout deskThe freshiesRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
03 April 1985s2.69I'm so beautifulDivinePromenade musicBraintree
26 August 1993 7.99I'm your fanVariousOur priceBraintree
22 February 1988a5.49I'm your manLeonard CohenTowerKensington High Street
15 February 1988a5.49If I should fall from grace with GodThe poguesAndy'sNorwich
29 May 1985s2.49Ignore the machineAlien sex fiendParrotBraintree
01 January 1989cs Indie CityVariousNME
16 March 1988a5.99Indie top 20VariousVirginOxford Street
23 February 1989cd1.99Info freakoJesus JonesJohn MenziesColchester
17 November 1990a7.5International heroesThe leather nunRough tradeTalbot Road
11 October 1993 3.99Into your armsLemonheadsOur priceColchester
26 February 1993cd5.99Introduce yourselfFaith no moreWoolworthBraintree
11 May 1993cd2.99Is it like today?World partyOur priceBraintree
16 September 1994 1.99Ish1927Our priceBraintree
11 February 1993cd12.49It's a shame about RayLemonheadsBrotherBirthday
08 October 1992cd8.99It's a shame about RayLemonheadsOur priceBraintree
19 April 1993cd3.99It's a shame about RayLemonheadsOur priceBraintree
09 June 1990s3.49Jack's heroesThe pogues and the DublinersOur priceSouthampton
13 November 1992t2.5JailbreakThin LizzyWorld class recordsColchester
11 December 1989s6JoleneThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
Jul-84s Jump (for my love)Pointer SistersW.H.SmithColchester
24 June 1985s0.99Junk FunkSPKStevie'sHalstead
02 February 1990a1.5Just a mish mashVariousRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
04 December 1991cd4.29Justified and ancientThe KLFOur priceChelmsford
19 May 1988s5.5King of the bopNipple erectorsRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
06 December 1989cd6.99Kiss the big stoneAndy WhiteTowerKensington High Street
09 September 1989s0.99Landslide of loveTransvision vampParrotBraintree
06 December 1989cd4.99Laughing at the piecesDr and the medicsTowerKensington High Street
13 August 1990cd1.99Learning to flyPink FloydHMVSouthampton
05 June 1986s1.49Left of centerSuzanne VegaParrotColchester
02 March 1985s2.39LegsZ.Z.TopTescoBraintree
31 July 1992cd1.99Let me take you thereBetty BooAndy'sColchester
29 April 1987a4.99Licensed to illBeastie BoysOur priceColchester
21 June 1989a6.99LickLemonheadsTowerPicadilly Circus
20 February 1986a7.49LifeThin LizzyOur priceColchester
16 September 1986s2.99Like a hurricaneThe missionMartinColchester
17 December 1986a5.99Live and DangerousThin LizzyParrotColchester
26 February 1993cd5.99Live and DangerousThin LizzyWoolworthBraintree
16 May 1993cd6.99LiveThe CultKey mail order
06 July 1988s0.99Loadsamoney (doin' up the house)Harry EnfieldParrotBraintree
27 June 1986a4.99London 0 Hull 4The housemartinsOur priceColchester
28 October 1987s3.49Lost and foundThe leather nunTowerKensington High Street
30 August 1986a4.99Love KillsSid and NancyParrotColchester
09 June 1987s2.99Love missile F1-11Pop will eat itselfOur priceColchester
28 April 1990s0.1Love missile F1-11Sigue Sigue SputnikRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
18 July 1988s2.99Love will tear us apart (B)SwansOur priceCambridge
07 July 1988cd4.49Love will tear us apartSwansHMVSouthampton
17 May 1988s3.49Love will tear us apartSwansOur priceNorth End Road
08 January 1986a4.99LoveThe CultBootsColchester
11 March 1991a2.99LoveyLemonheadsTowerQueensway
30 January 1992cd10.99Lucky thirteenNeil YoungCompact musicSudbury
11 July 1988s0.49Lucretia my reflectionThe sisters of mercyMartinSudbury
10 June 1988cd4.49Lucretia my reflectionThe sisters of mercyOur priceKensington High Street
30 January 1987a4.49Lust gamesThe leather nunAndy'sColchester
19 September 1987s3.29Me and the farmerThe housemartinsOur priceSouthampton
20 June 1990s3.99Medium playFrank SidebottomTowerPicadilly Circus
27 October 1989cd5.99Midnight to midnightPsychadelic fursOur priceNorth End Road
28 May 1991cd1Miss Otis regretsKirsty Maccoll and the poguesRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
21 April 1990cd2.5Money for nothingDire StraitsMarketSouthampton
02 February 1993cd2.75MonsterL7Andy'sCambridge
11 December 1990cd4MoreThe sisters of mercyGaragelandKensington market
01 October 1990s1.89MoreThe sisters of mercyOur priceBraintree
05 October 1990cd4.49MoreThe sisters of mercyTowerPicadilly Circus
08 May 1986a5.99Mouth of the nightPsychic TVParrotColchester
23 November 1992cd3.99Mrs RobinsonLemonheadsOur priceBraintree
29 August 1985s2.49Mummy you're a wreckThe very thingsParrotSudbury
24 May 1988s0.5My tapes goneThe freshiesRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
16 September 1994 1.99Naked in garden hillsHarry CrewsOur priceBraintree
06 February 1985s Nellie the elephantToy DollsParrotColchester
23 January 1990cd6.5Never mind the bollocksThe Sex PistolsAudio societyImperial College
22 February 1988s3New mindSwansVinyl solutionHereford Road
02 June 1990a2.99New traditionsVariousJohn MenziesLeatherhead
15 January 1986s3.29No time to cryThe sisters of mercyOur priceColchester
25 December 1988v14.99Now that's what I call quite goodThe housemartinsMumChristmas
09 May 1988a6.99Now that's what I call quite goodThe housemartinsTowerKensington High Street
31 May 1988s1.5Oh blimey it's ChristmasFrank SidebottomRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
31 May 1988s1.5One thousand yearsSkinRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
10 August 1993 10.99One week in AugustLemonheadsOur priceColchester
19 June 1989s1.99Orange crushR.E.M.TowerKensington High Street
15 June 1989a4.5OutburstThe nomadsRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
09 July 1994 10.99Panic onMadder roseHMVOxford Street
03 July 1986s1.55ParanoimiaThe art of noiseW.H.SmithColchester
15 February 1988a1.99Party hateClick ClickBeppoNorwich
27 July 1989cd8.99Peace and loveThe poguesBraintree VideoBraintree
17 March 1987s0.49PeaceImperietParrotColchester
21 April 1990cd2.5PeopleHothouse flowersMarketSouthampton
16 April 1986s1.55Peter GunnArt of noise / Duane EddyOur priceColchester
26 August 1994 3.49Piece of crapNeil YoungOur priceColchester
27 January 1987s2.99Pink HouseThe leather nunAndy'sColchester
27 February 1986s1.49Poguetry in motionThe poguesParrotColchester
25 August 1992v4.99PoguevisionThe poguesOur priceBraintree
08 January 1986s0.49PolicewomanLorna WrightParrotColchester
26 June 1989cd8.99Pop artTransvision vampBraintree VideoBraintree
22 February 1988s3.29PowerFields of the nephilimVirginOxford Street
03 February 1987s2.99PrimemoverThe leather nunParrotColchester
26 June 1989cd3.99PsychonautFields of the nephilimParrotBraintree
01 October 1988a10.99Public castration is a good ideaSwansAndy'sCambridge
02 February 1990a0.5Punk and disorderlyVariousRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
02 February 1993cd11.99Pure CultThe CultOur priceCambridge
25 September 1985s1.49RAMBOPee Bee SquadParrotColchester
17 October 1988s2.99Radio 1 evening show sessionThe leather nunOur priceCambridge
03 September 1993 2.99Ragged gloryNeil YoungOur priceColchester
22 June 1990cd0.99Rain, steam and speedThe men they couldn't hangParrotBraintree
17 November 1990a2.99Rainbow warriorsVariousBargainPortobello Road
07 October 1986a3.99Raising hellRun DMCBootsColchester
14 October 1986a4.99Rave on Andy WhiteAndy WhiteOur priceColchester
24 January 1988s6Razor SmilesThe sisters of mercyRecord fairBattersea
27 October 1990cd10.99RecyclerZ.Z.TopHMVSouthampton
17 October 1985a4.99Red roses for meThe poguesAndy'sColchester
18 October 1986s1.5RefugeeTon Petty and the heartbreakersLionBraintree
26 August 1993 4.99RenegadeThin LizzyOur priceBraintree
23 December 1988s0.49Rev. Jack and his roamin' cadillac churchTimbuk 3ParrotBraintree
18 January 1991s1RevolutionThe CultRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
28 April 1990s0.1Rhinestone cowboyGlen CambellRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
11 October 1989a1RideOyster bandRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
05 January 1990a1.99Rock birdDebbie HarryOur priceNorth End Road
16 April 1986s1.55Rock me AmadeusFalcoOur priceColchester
20 February 1991cd7.99Room to roamThe waterboysOur priceQueensway
Mar-84s1.25Run RunawaySlade  
31 January 1990cd0.99Run silentShakespeare's SisterOur priceKing's Road
27 August 1985a4.99Run, sodomy and the lashThe poguesAndy'sColchester
09 September 1989s0.99Runnin' down a dreamTom PettyParrotBraintree
02 August 1993cd8.99Rust never sleepsNeil YoungOur priceCambridge
25 December 1989cd10.99Sacred heartShakespeare's SisterNanChristmas
08 October 1988a10Saints and martyrsThe sisters of mercyRecord fairCambridge sports hall
24 June 1985s2.49Sally MaclennaneThe poguesW.H.SmithColchester
28 June 1985s1.6Sally MaclennaneThe poguesW.H.SmithColchester
30 January 1992cd3.99SanctuaryThe CultCompact musicSudbury
09 May 1989cd3.99SavedSwansOur priceKensington High Street
31 October 1989cd7..99Say something goodRiver city peopleOur priceKensington High Street
23 December 1989cd0.99Say something goodRiver city peopleParrotBraintree
29 November 1989s0.49SelfFuzzboxTowerPicadilly Circus
19 June 1986s1.55Serpents kissThe missionOur priceColchester
26 May 1988a2.5Sex PistolsThe Sex Pistols Kensington market
23 March 1988a4.99Sgt. Pepper knew my fatherVariousNMETelford
03 May 1989s0.49Shake your thangSalt n PepaW.H.SmithEarls Court Road
23 February 1990s0.3She knowsBalaam and the angelRecord and tape exchange38 Notting Hill
25 November 1986s0.49She loves youTed ChippingtonParrotColchester
23 May 1988s2.5She pays the rentThe nomadsMagic mixBalham market
26 July 1985s2.49She sells sanctuaryThe CultVirginOxford Street
07 August 1987s3.29She's on itBeastie BoysHMVOxford Street
11 June 1986s1.7SheepThe housemartinsOur priceColchester
15 October 1988a3.99ShelterLone JusticeAndy'sCambridge
22 December 1993v10.99Shot Rev 2.0The sisters of mercyPlayhouseLakeside
11 February 1989v9.99ShotThe sisters of mercyDadBirthday
11 January 1994 5.99Shut up and…Steve EarleOur priceBraintree
14 March 1990a2.99Silver townThe men they couldn't hangW.H.SmithKensington High Street
16 April 1986s0.7SinglePiLBootsColchester
23 December 1988s0.49Sister moonTransvision vampParrotBraintree
12 December 1985a5.59Six silver stringsB.B.KingParrotColchester
06 March 1987s3.25SkripglowClick ClickParrotColchester
16 August 1994 10.99Sleeps with angelsNeil YoungBee Bee'sBraintree
28 May 1991cd7.99Slippery when wetBon JoviOur priceKensington High Street
19 May 1987a3.5Slow deathThe leather nunHeffsColchester
23 February 1987a4.99Slow deathThe leather nunParrotBraintree
23 January 1986s1.55Small blue thingSuzanne VegaAndy'sColchester
20 December 1993 2.99So GladThrumTimeColchester
25 December 1988cd9.99Soldier of fortunePhil Lynott and Thin LizzyBrotherChristmas
28 April 1987a4.99Solitude standingSuzanne VegaOur priceColchester
30 January 1987a3.49Solo in SohoPhilip LynottOur priceColchester
02 May 1992cd9.99Some girls wander by mistakeThe sisters of mercyWorld class recordsColchester
09 September 1989s0.99Song for whoeverThe beautiful southWoolworthBraintree
06 January 1987s1.55Song to the sirenThis mortal coilAndy'sColchester
03 March 1987s2.75Sonic boom boyWestworldW.H.SmithColchester
16 June 1990cd7.5Sonic templeThe CultMarketSouthampton
28 April 1990s1Sounds showcase 1VariousRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
19 March 1988s2.5Sounds showcaseVariousGaragelandKensington market
27 September 1991cd1.99Special wayRiver city peopleBraintree VideoBraintree
13 June 1985s0.5Stay with mePumphouse gangLionColchester
19 September 1987a6.49Steel constructionThe leather nunVirginSouthampton
08 September 1990a2.99Stop the worldGhost danceOur priceKing's mall, Ham
07 August 1987a6.49Straight to hellVariousHMVOxford Street
22 December 1993 1.99Stupid ThingAimee MannBee Bee'sBraintree
22 December 1993 1.99Stupid ThingAimee MannBee Bee'sBraintree
12 December 1985s2.99Sub cultureNew OrderOur priceColchester
03 October 1989a6.99SuicideSuicideTowerKensington High Street
18 September 1990cd3.99Summer in SiamThe poguesHMVOxford Street
16 November 1989cd3.99Sun KingThe CultW.H.SmithEarls Court Road
31 January 1986a5.29Suzanne VegaSuzanne VegaOur priceColchester
19 April 1993cd13.99Sweet oblivionScreaming treesOur priceBraintree
27 June 1994 4.29SwimMadder roseHMVCambridge
26 November 1988cd7.99Talking picturesThe sisters of mercyVirginOxford Street
1984s0.69Tell her about itBilly JoelTescoBraintree
18 January 1991a1Tell me where you're goingSiljeRecord and tape exchange56 Notting Hill
02 May 1992cd2.99Temple of love (1992)The sisters of mercyWoolworthHalstead
27 February 1985s2.69Temple of loveThe sisters of mercyAndy'sColchester
09 May 1989cd3.99That's what I think of you1927Our priceKensington High Street
21 April 1990cd2.5The 8 legged groove machineThe wonderstuffMarketSouthampton
11 December 1989a2.5The Christmas albumVariousRecord and tape exchange28 Pembridge Road
17 March 1987s2.99The Irish roverThe pogues and the DublinersOur priceColchester
08 March 1988cs3.5The Johnny Radar StoryChris Sievey and the freshies11:37Altrincham
21 April 1990cd2.5The MarqueeVariousMarketSouthampton
22 February 1988s1The Oink! 45OinkRecord and tape exchangePembridge Road
03 March 1988cd11.49The Simon and Garfunkel collectionSimon and GarfunkelTowerKensington High Street
14 May 1987s1.5The adventures of…Thin LizzyHeffsColchester
11 March 1991a2.99The best of R1 evening sessionsVariousTowerQueensway
09 February 1985a5.29The best of Z.Z.TopZ.Z.TopLionBraintree
12 March 1991cd6.99The best ofLindisfarneOur priceQueensway
23 January 1986a2.25The boys are back in townThin LizzyOur priceColchester
29 July 1989cd11.99The burning worldSwansOur priceColchester
08 January 1987s0.99The chicken songSpitting ImageParrotColchester
18 November 1986a4.49The collectionThin LizzyOur priceColchester
16 March 1988cd5.99The conversation disc seriesThe sisters of mercyVirginOxford Street
02 March 1988cd11.49The cream of Eric ClaptonEric ClaptonTowerPicadilly Circus
26 February 1990s1The devil went down to GeorgiaCharlie Daniels bandTowerKensington High Street
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29 November 1989s0.49Woman in mindToni HallidayTowerPicadilly Circus
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18 February 1985a2.99Z.Z.Top's first albumZ.Z.TopParrotBraintree