Frames and separators

If you treat frames and separators in the same way as you treat other widgets it gives some undesirable results. In the case of separators, which are normally resizeable, if they cross slices of the control panel that would otherwise be fixed they would make the slices resizeable. Separators are therefore ignored when calculating the fixed slices.

There is a similar problem with frames. If you place a resizeable frame in a fixed area of the control panel, slices containing the frame will become resizeable. There are other subtleties and complications with frames that mean they cannot be handled like other widgets, or just ignored like separators. The solution chosen was to treat the resizeability of frames slightly differently to other widgets. Frame resizeability can be thought of as refering to the border between the frame and the widgets it contains. If a frame is resizeable it is treated like any other widget and will affect fixed slices as described above. If it is non-resizeable it will maintain the same border around any enclosed widgets. E.g. if you have the following control panel where the drawing area is resizeable and the slider is just vertically resizeable:

If the frame is resizeable, resizing the control panel gives:

If the frame is non-resizeable you get:

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